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Customized solutions flexibly combinable

Project Engineering

Under the label “Project Engineering”, we offer a diverse spectrum of project services. These services can be mixed and matched as desired, and are individually customized to suit the needs of each project.

With our technical expertise and our project management skills we can attend to your project’s needs regardless of its size and complexity.

Whatever your requirements, we can provide support during all project phases from inception, preparation and realization to handover and operation.

  • Project Review/Second Opinion

    Review the plausibility, quality and completeness of:

    • The design information with a focus on compliance with the contractual requirements and relevant building codes, coordination with other design disciplines functionality and cost-effectiveness
    • Time schedules and programming
    • Technical specifications and tender documents
    • Logistics concepts

    Identify potential engineering enhancements

    • Architectural design, structural engineering, foundations and soil analysis, MEP engineering, building physics and energy efficiency.

    Appraisal of the project organization structure

    • Recommendations for enhanced bespoke project structures

    Review project documents with regard to risk

    • Review project situation and the achievement of business targets
    • Review risks and highlight potential technical risks
    • Identify potential commercial opportunities
    • Identify cost saving potential

  • Building diagnosis and revitalization

    Examination of existing buildings with regard to:

    • Condition of the load-bearing structure, internal finishes and external envelope
    • Energy efficiency of the building, its physical characteristics and technical services installation
    • Compliance with current building legislation, fire codes and contemporary requirements for usability and functionality

    Development of strategy documents for:

    • Remedial measures for the load-bearing structures, internal finishes and external envelope
    • Improvements to energy efficiency, building physics and the technical services installation
    • Measures to achieve compliance with current building legislation, fire codes, and enhance functionality and usability

  • Strategic Project Enhancement


    • Bespoke organization (allocation of responsibilities internal/external)
    • Definition of project management tools
    • Definition and tracking of scheduling and economic targets
    • Identification of the necessary consultancy team
    • Development of the overall project implementation plan
    • Conduct risk and opportunity assessment
    • Advise on optimum building operation (CAFM-compatible design)

  • Bespoke Project Organization


    • Define a responsibility matrix
    • Establish workflows, meeting procedures, communication channels
    • Contribute to the definition and steering of project objectives
    • Introduction and establishment of decision making and change management procedures
    • Implementation of a project communication and information system, including structured data filing system
    • Drafting of project handbook, design manuals and CAFM handbook

  • Design Management

    Design definition

    • Identification of suitable design consultants
    • Design review
    • Assessment of design quality and progress during all project phases
    • Definition of interfaces and scope boundaries


    • Prepare a design schedule
    • Implement the design schedule by means of consistent design coordination management
    • Identify cost-saving potential


    • Check design information for compliance with project objectives
    • Clash analysis for the various specialist design disciplines
    • Coordination of the design and construction teams regarding as-built documentation

  • Scheduling

    Integrated master schedule and general workflow planning

    • Including all upstream processes, also in early project phases
    • Identification of the critical path method (CPM)

    Auditing the performance of design consultants and contractors

    • Assessment with regard to agreed deadlines
    • Validation of performance and resource planning

    Advice on contract wording

    Practice-related schedule steering

    • Analyses of deviations and trends
    • Formulation and introduction of countermeasures

    Decision making and change management procedures

    • Demonstrate the effects of scope changes to the overall project targets in terms of schedule and cost

    Timely definition of the strategy and organization of the handover and commissioning processes

  • Cost effectiveness / Value Engineering

    Cost optimization through alternative proposals

    • Analysis and optimization of building plot usage
    • Identification of most appropriate construction method
    • Adherence to required quality standards
    • Optimization of space requirements
    • Identification of suitable construction elements and materials
    • Reduction of operating costs
    • Energy efficiency

    Introduction and establishment of decision making and change management procedures

    Resource- and performance-related scheduling and project management

    Value Engineering of architectural design, structural and MEP engineering

    Comprehensive cost controlling and cash flow monitoring

  • Contract Management

    Tender Stage

    • Technical advice on contract wording (e.g. interfaces, deadlines, obligations, technical specifications)
    • Assistance in selection of the most appropriate form of contract
    • Contract analysis with regard to costs, deadlines and project management quality

    Contract Management

    • Technical contract analysis
    • Monitoring of contractual rights and obligations
    • Implementation of claims management procedure

  • Quality Control


    • Advise on quality standards for tendering and during construction
    • Ensure design quality throughout all project phases by means of consistent design coordination and management
    • Assist in the strategy for the provision of samples
    • Examination of tender documents and bids for compliance with construction specification
    • Construction management services
    • Defects and warranty management

  • Green Building Management


    • Certification of new and existing buildings in accordance with DGNB, LEED and BREEAM DE Bestand (German version of BREEAM International In-Use)
    • Advise clients and design teams, establish Green Building targets
    • Checking and coordination of Green Building issues during design and construction
    • Production of eco balance sheets, life-cycle cost calculations
    • Production of supporting documentation for certification and sustainability reports

  • Multi-discipline Design Services

    Architectural design, foundations and structural engineering, MEP engineering, building physics, facades and cladding each represent:

    • Competence centers for innovative design solutions in turnkey construction and civil projects
    • Specialists in design and consultancy services
    • All services from a single source
    • Stable processes through closely knit collaboration
    • Practical and cost-effective design in 2D and 3D
    • Multi-discipline and lead consultancy services in all design phases

  • Specialists for individual project requirements

    Experts in the fields of design, engineering, construction process management, design management and building information modeling (BIM) in-house for all disciplines e.g. for:

    • Architectural design, structural engineering, MEP engineering, value engineering, building materials, soil mechanics, building physics, facades, green buildings, project management, scheduling and construction site layout and logistics planning.
    • Independent project reviews / second opinion for all project-specific matters
    • Flexible collaboration opportunities, whole project teams or individual experts available
    • Strategic consulting or specific project support possible

  • Professional Project Close-out


    • Conception and organization of commissioning, inspections and handover
    • Establishment of guidelines for the project documentation
    • Documentation
    • Administration of client-specific collaboration tools
    • Compilation of as-built documentation
    • Defects and liabilities management
    • Conception and support of the migration and occupation phase
    • Steering the migration phase including all necessary utility and medium connections