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Consult Materials provides consulting services related to building materials and constructions, carries out repair works and various investigations on structures and test specimens for industrial, public and private clients.

From our location Moerfelden-Walldorf near Frankfurt Airport, we operate all over Germany and, on customer request, internationally. Our offices, workshops, laboratories, climatic chambers and a test hall are integrated into a building at that location. The latter belongs to the Innovation & Testing Center (ITC), which is also accredited as an international testing laboratory . 

For many decades, our work has been characterized by the immediate proximity to the aspects of the construction and the requirements of project execution. In our work, the agreed project schedule and contractual requirements are key. 

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Technical advice

The aim of technical advice is to achieve added value for our customers in their individual projects in terms of quality assurance, risk minimization and increase efficiency. This can be ensured in particular by the early involvement of the experts from Consult Materials in the tendering, execution and warranty periods of the projects. 


  • Assessment of specified concepts and development of alternatives
  • Monitoring and quality assurance measures during execution
  • Preventive preservation of evidence
  • reparation of expert reports
  • Evaluation of defects and support during repair works

Advice topics:

  • Moisture proofing, sealings, liner systems
  • Screeds, coverings
  • Masonry
  • Coatings, surface protection systems
  • Industrial floors
  • Dry constructions
  • External thermal insulation composite systems

Testing of materials and structural testing

The extensive technical equipment of the laboratories and the test hall enable us to follow and help shape interesting developments in building materials technology and in new building materials and construction products. The potential of new high-performance materials can thus be assessed and optimized for practical construction applications. In addition, a comparison of the properties of building materials and construction products with regard to their suitability for certain use cases is a common question. 

The existing test machines, test equipment, climate chambers and test methods used make it possible to carry out various building material tests and to test components. 

In addition, we also carry out in situ load tests on buildings or components (e.g. slabs, anchor channels, anchors) with our equipment.  

Services (examples):

  • Test of fresh and hardened concrete
  • Testing of building samples and building materials of any kind
  • Application of non-destructive test methods
  • Consultation on concrete, grouts and specialty concrete
  • In situ load tests and load tests on components
  • Monitoring of buildings

Available equipment (excerpt):

  • Compression test machine up to 4000 kN
  • Universal testing machine up to 1000 kN
  • Testing portal with testing cylinder up to 1600 kN
  • Universal testing machine up to 250 kN
  • Span with dimensions 5 m x 10 m
  • Concrete mixing facility up to 375 l
  • Storage under changing climatic und temperature conditions
  • CDF-climate chamber
  • Mobile hydraulic cylinders
  • Sensors for force, displacement, temperature, acceleration etc.
  • Data loggers and measurement software

Checking of constructions

Checking of constructions require a lot of experience. This already begins with the definition of the scope of the test for assessing the state of the construction and the most appropriate and gentle test methods for this purpose (for instance with non-destructive test methods). This is followed by careful execution of the examinations and a comprehensive evaluation of all measurement results.

The conclusion is a sound and meaningful diagnosis of the object condition with recommendations on further necessary measures if desired.


  • Checking of existing documents
  • Site inspection
  • Determination of test locations
  • Sampling
  • Execution of tests
  • Use of non-destructive test methods
  • Identification of causes of damage
  • Assessment of the state of construction

Tests (examples):

  • Determination of adhesive tensile strength
  • Localization of hollow points
  • Recording of defects and cracks
  • Determination of component thickness
  • Measurement of concrete cover thickness
  • Localization of reinforcement, tendons, mounting parts
  • Detection of active reinforcement corrosion
  • Prestressing steel fracture detection for prestressed concrete
  • Compressive / bending tensile strength of screed
  • Compressive strength of masonry
  • Compressive, splitting tensile or tensile strength, modulus of elasticity of concrete
  • Chloride and sulphate content in building materials
  • Tensile strength of steel samples
  • Crack monitoring
  • Maintenance of coated surfaces
  • Blower-door-measurements

Repair works

In connection with the investigation of buildings, the assessment of the state of construction, the advice on construction damage and the identification of causes of damage, we develop repair concepts and carry out repair work.

In accordance with the DAfStb-Guideline „Protection and Repair of Concrete Components“ and the ZTV-ING, our employees are able to develop a knowledgeable repair concept with suitable building materials in accordance with the maintenance principles and to draw up corresponding service specifications.

Repair works are carried out by our own, qualified and experienced employees.

Qualification of the personnel:

  • Certification as qualified planner concrete repairs
  • Certificate of advanced knowledge of concrete technology
  • Site management
  • Skilled workers with SIVV-certificate
  • Skilled workers with operating license for spraying nozzles
  • Skilled workers with verification of suitability for retrofitting of reinforcement connections

Repair works:

  • Injections
  • Concrete repairs
  • Coating works
  • Glueing of reinforcement
  • Sticking of gypsum plaster
  • Later external sealing
  • Grouting works

Product development

In the Innovation & Testing Center, we carry out research and development projects for in-house and external clients.

Facilitated by our equipment, test samples or precast elements can be manufactured with our own mixing facility and tested in various testing machines or on the span.

On behalf of the manufacturers or the authorized experts, we carry out approval tests for fasteners and anchorages. Since 2009, we have been listed as a testing laboratory at the German Institute of Civil Engineering (DIBt).

Accreditation as a test laboratory took place at end of 2018, for mechanical and technological investigations of fasteners in construction, natural stone products (lining panels) and artificially manufactured stone, and for testing concrete.

We offer:

  • Competent advice
  • Adequate planning of the examination with regard to the scope
  • Transparent conduct of the test
  • Valid documentation of the test and the results
  • On-time processing of the examination

Execution of tests for instance for:

  • Metal anchors
  • Plastic anchors
  • Injection anchors
  • Dowels
  • Bonded fasteners
  • Post-installed rebar connections
  • Anchor channels
  • Transport anchors and systems
  • Fasteners for nuclear power plants

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