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Experts for industrial construction, power plant technology and special structures

Energy, Industrial & Special Structures

We provide our clients with expert design and consulting services in the areas of industrial construction, power plant technology, special non-standard buildings and structures. As a general planner we are capable of handling all of the design packages, supported by special competencies such as dynamics and earthquake engineering. A number of special components for fire protection, building physics, facade or green building, or authorization to present planning documents round out our portfolio.

We work where your projects are—with three office locations in Frankfurt, Cologne and Munich and we are certified by:

  • DQS (German society for the certification of quality assurance systems)
  • VGB (European technical association for power and heat generation)

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We provide engineering and design services for our industrial customers for the development, expansion and improvement projects within their industrial plants, on both the national and international market.

When looking at the design of international projects, we are your reliable partner. Decades of experience in overseas construction projects, the necessary resources and a strong international network are some of the key success factors we provide for our reliable delivery of high-quality design.

We possess special expertise in aging and life management of structures. With the procedures we have specially developed for this purpose, we inspect the existing structures, carry out analyses, evaluate the results and create, if necessary, the maintenance or retrofit strategy. We activate load capacity reserves by use of probabilistic calculation methods or the most modern calculation methods from the field of fire protection design.

For the design of ”WHG” Structures (structures compliant with the German Federal Water Resources Act) we are, with our accredited experts, your competent design partner.

Energy / power

We have extensive experience in the designing of plant structures for power generation. Our experts design new structures as well as maintenance and retrofitting measures for every type of power plant with optimal consideration of the technical needs of plants.

Our service portfolio includes:

  • plants for the generation of renewable energies (e.g. for onshore/offshore wind or hydro power)
  • fuel cycle plants/power plants, decommissioning planning
  • fossil fuel power plants (coal, oil, gas, combined cycle)
  • waste incineration plants
  • plants and infrastructure for energy distribution/power grids

Special structures

By special non-standard buildings and structures, we understand building construction, often on a larger scale or of a complex nature. Examples in this connection are hall and membrane support structures, high-rises, stadiums. air terminals or hospitals.

Structural design

When it comes to structural design, we are your partner with international experience. We work according to German, European and international standards and directives upon request. Our employees also contribute their expertise to numerous committees and panels.

We provide design services for structural design for structures and structural elements made of:

  • concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete
  • masonry

We create 2D or 3D planning documents such as concrete structural drawings including embedments, formwork drawings or reinforcement drawings using CAD. We react flexibly to client requests (interface, use of specific CAD software).

Building design

In terms of building design we can provide you with a full range of services from basic evaluation to support in awarding contracts and overseeing construction to final documentation. We create the design with the involvement and coordination of various specialist designers with the goal of generating an integrated and thereby optimized design process for you.

In addition to building design, we also offer you design and engineering services in the following areas:

  • fire protection, including fire protection concepts, accredited experts for fire design
  • infrastructure
  • facade
  • building protection
  • coatings
  • ground water insulation and roof waterproofing
  • Green Building Management (LEED, DGNB)

We create 2D or 3D design documents using CAD. We react flexibly to client requests (interface, use of specific CAD software).

Steel construction

We offer you comprehensive services in the area of steel construction as well, from the surveying and assessment of existing structures to the creation of load reports, the structural calculation, for new and existing elements, and the designing of strengthening or retrofit measures as required through to as-built documentation.

Our company has specialists for the following design and engineering services:

  • all types of steel constructions for every load,
  • facade substructures, composite constructions, sandwich construction methods,
  • fire protection, corrosion protection, and coatings,
  • welding technology with our own specialist welding engineers.

As the HOCHTIEF competence center for steel construction, we are also involved in many projects of other business units such as bridge, airport, and stadium construction.

Our steel construction engineers regularly work with the latest 3D CAD programs and also provide design services such as design planning, steel construction overviews or workshop planning upon request.

Earthquakes / structural dynamics / special projects

We verifiably determine the dynamic load of structures and components, draw up the necessary calculations for dimensioning the structures and take the results into consideration in the execution design for you throughout the world. We also participate in the basic development through involvement in relevant standard and regulation committees.

We are your partner for the following design and engineering services:

  • earthquake calculation, explosion pressure wave, and impact loads/collision loads,
  • plane crash, projectile and wreckage impacts,
  • non-linear calculations of the building structures and plant engineering,
  • dynamic floor-structure interaction, pile foundations,
  • seismic base isolation,
  • plant engineering (proofs for components, systems, and pipelines),
  • vibration and tremor forecasts and measurements,
  • experimental investigations (component tests and plant engineering),
  • weapon impact and shelter construction (detonation and deflagration),
  • probabilistic safety analyses (PSA) for nuclear power plants and other structures.

Technical building services

Technical building services are a key component of energy-efficient, sustainable buildings. Our task as designers and consultants in this package is to turn the technical properties that you expect for your building into a plan. In doing so, our focus is on cost-effective operation as well as the responsible use of resources.

We are your partner for the following design and engineering services:

  • sewage, water, and gas systems
  • heat supply systems
  • ventilation and cooling systems
  • high-voltage systems
  • telecommunications and information systems
  • conveyor systems
  • systems for specific uses
  • building automation

Design management and project management

These days tight deadline requirements for the realization of projects are nothing unusual but rather the norm. In order to ensure adherence to schedules in this area, first detailed operations planning is required, beginning with the design itself ("planning of the design"). This is the only way to reliably prepare and manage the realization and commissioning of construction projects these days.

We are used to dealing with this special challenge. Not least because we have handled the design management or construction management in many large projects domestically and abroad again and again in order to thereby enable the realization of the construction measure on schedule and in accordance with the requirements.

We handle the following tasks for you:

  • planning of the design
  • design organization and management
  • interface management
  • overall design coordination
  • quality control
  • site management
  • health and safety coordination

Optimization and design review

The optimization of construction procedures, construction costs, and operating expenses are a significant aspect of our work. Thanks to our decades of experience in the development of "special proposals" in HOCHTIEF bid projects as well as countless design and engineering tasks closely connected to the construction site, we can draw on a large amount of knowledge that we will be happy to pass on to you. Naturally we are also capable of checking other aspects such as quality, feasibility, and conformity with standards.

We will be happy to provide you with examples of our successful work.


Due to the worldwide presence of HOCHTIEF, we have project experience in over 50 countries on all continents and can offer our services nearly anywhere worldwide. English is spoken by the majority of our employees and nearly all other world languages are represented.

But it is not just about language: A large number of the IKS employees also have an international background. Even more employees have experience with projects abroad and can operate comfortably even in other cultures. This is often the key to success when the task is to realize projects abroad with.

Fixing systems and fastening technology

We have decades of expert experience in the field of fixing systems and fastening technology, handling projects in the areas of industry and power plant construction in particular:

We perform engineering services in the following areas for you:

  • fasteners with special requirements
  • special solutions for big loads, heavy-duty and undercut anchors
  • subsequent reinforcement connections
  • assessments
  • approval applications
  • support of experiments

The HOCHTIEF heavy-duty undercut cast anchor developed by us has received general technical approval from the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik.

We have developed a strengthening method for damaged foundations of onshore wind turbines.

3D design

Due to our many years of activity in the energy and industry sector, we are extremely familiar with 3D design. We are capable of executing all construction design packages (building design, structural design, and the design of the technical building services) in 3D in an integrated way using state-of-the-art hardware and software. The comparison with the system and process technology by means of the exchange of models is a standard procedure for us. Upon request from the client we will also model plant engineering components and create the comprehensive model.

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